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Selling by Auction

The method of selling Property via Auction has obvious benefits over selling Property using any other sale method (private treaty, sealed tender bid), however in order to bring these benefits to light, the process needs to be managed effectively and efficiently.

We at SFB Auctions, with our knowledge of the Botswana property market and our experience in selling Property via Auction, have continuously worked on the Auction system, adapting it to the Botswana property market to arrive at what we believe to be a ‘fine-tuned’ system ensuring that the process is as effective and efficient as possible.
We pride ourselves in managing the process professionally in order to ensure that the benefits of Auction (over any other sale method) are brought to light for the overall benefit of the Client.
So before considering any other method of selling your Property, contact one of our professionals and get advice on how the Auction process works and what benefits the Auction process offers you as a Seller.